Yard Sale Lovers: Vehicle Options For Storing, Transporting Goods, And Visiting Multiple Yard Sales

Whether you call them yard sales, tag sales, or garage sales, some people just love the adventure and excitement that comes with exploring different areas and finding great deals. If you spend your spring and summer weekends exploring various sales, then you will want a vehicle that can handle all of the different elements. From storing items to parking, it's important to have a car that makes it as easy as possible to complete all of our yard sale adventures. By using this guide, you can learn about different vehicle features that will make it a lot easier to complete your yard sale adventures. Many cars, like new Nissans, will have one or more of these features. Not only will the features help with yard sales, but they can make a huge difference with your everyday driving as well.

Cargo Net Storage

When visiting a yard sale, you may that there are a number of little items you purchase. Anything from mugs to vases are easily breakable and need to be transported with care. One of the best ways to help keep items organized and protected is with a vehicle that has cargo net storage. Cargo nets are typically featured in the trunk or back hatch of a vehicle. The nets feature expandable areas and separate compartments that can keep things packed tightly. If you purchase books at yard sales, the nets are a great way to prevent them from sliding around the vehicle. Aside from yard sales, these nets are also ideal for grocery shopping or other shopping trips that you may take throughout the year.

Parking Sensors

Parking at yard sales can be complicated. Some areas may offer driveway parking while others have tight side street parking that can become congested. If a yard sale is crowded, you may find that there is very limited space and you will have to squeeze into a tighter area than expected. The best solution to this is by purchasing a vehicle with parking sensors or parking assist. Many newer vehicles will automatically come with parking sensors. Using cameras and sensors, you can easily navigate your vehicle and park it without colliding with other cars. Some upgraded vehicles may include parking assist. With this feature, your car will automatically park and squeeze between two vehicles.  The process will not only prevent accidents, but it can save a lot of time.

Built-In Wi-Fi

Yard sales can be located in all different types of neighborhoods. This means that you may not have the best access to different features like cell phone service. One way to help with this is by having a vehicle with built-in Wi-Fi. Having the internet access can make a huge difference while you explore yard sales. You can gain access to a variety of yard sale apps, check weather, or even compare prices on items you want to purchase. Accessing this data while in the car can save a lot of time as you travel from sale to sale.

Cross Bar Roof Rack

Not everything you purchase at a yard sale will be small or able to fit easily in your car. One of the best solutions for this is to purchase a vehicle with a cross bar roof rack. These racks feature raised bars that make it easy to tie rope or bungee cords around the roof. As you find bigger items like desks or chairs, you can easily strap them to the roof using the rack. This will make a huge difference on your ability to get the items that you really want at the yard sale.

Planning ahead for these items can make shopping at yard sales a lot easier. You can find more information about features like these by contacting a local dealership.

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