Why Is The Aluminum On Your Vehicle Corroding? And What Can You Do To Stop It?

A growing number of vehicles are using aluminum in place of steel and iron. This lighter metal helps improve fuel efficiency and often resists wear more effectively. Unfortunately, it is still prone to corrosion and other weathering problems. Understanding this situation, and the benefits of aluminum repair, can help ensure a vehicle doesn't corrode too excessively.

First Of All, Aluminum Does Not Rust

Car owners often believe that rust attacks aluminum and causes it to corrode. That is not the case. The aluminum on a vehicle does not rust, as this type of metal is not affected by water in this way. If there is any part on a car that is being attacked by rust, this is not aluminum. Corrosion of aluminum will look more dull and encrusted than it does when it is not corroded.

As aluminum corrodes, it will lose its structure and can eventually fall apart or cause serious damage to a car. Before discussing how to repair this problem, it is important to know why it occurs. There are many different influences on aluminum corrosion, each of which is important to consider before treating them for corrosion.

The Causes Of Aluminum Corrosion

The many causes of aluminum corrosion can make it seem rather impossible to avoid this problem. For example, it can be caused by atmospheric situations, such as heavy pollutants being applied directly to the metal. However, it can also be caused by an excessive amount of salt water getting stuck in crevices on the aluminum. Even microbiological forces can decay some aluminum.

That doesn't mean that aluminum isn't a useful metal to install on cars. In fact, corrosion is a slower and less devastating process than rust and is usually easier to repair. That said, repairing aluminum in a specialized process that amateur car repair specialists shouldn't try on their own.

Repair Requires A Specialized Approach

Aluminum is a unique metal and one that can be hard for non-specialists to repair. For example, it lacks the kind of structural memory that steel has, meaning it cannot be restored to a shape once it's been taken out of it. Considerations like this make it necessary to approach aluminum repair in a careful and measured way, as this will avoid seriously problematic situations.

For example, amateur car repair fans may not realize that aluminum and steel are corrosive when they abut each other. Car design specialists work hard to ensure that steel and aluminum never touch on their designs. However, if someone who didn't realize that tried to add steal to their aluminum vehicle to repair a corroded area, they cause even worse damage.

As a result, it is important to talk to a specialist about aluminum corrosion, rather than try a DIY repair. Specialists will identify the source of the corrosion and find a way to manage it in a successful way. They can save the car owner a lot of money on poor repairs that cause more damage than they repair. For more information, contact companies like Exoticar Paintworks Inc.

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