Tips For Buying New Tires For Your Car

Taking good care of your car's tires is important for safe driving. However, eventually, you'll need to replace the tires even if you're meticulous about maintaining them. Tires gradually wear out over time and when the tread is worn down, you are at a higher risk of having a flat tire or not getting good traction on wet roads. Here are tips for buying new tires.

Buy The Right Size And Type

Buying new tires is very confusing because there are many types to choose from. Information about the type and size of tire is on the tire itself in a numerical code. If you're certain the tires on your car are from the original manufacturer and the tires have performed well, then you can simply take your car to the dealer and have the exact tires put on again using the code as a guide. However, if there's a chance the tires have been changed previously, it's better to check your owner's manual or the sticker on your car door for information on the tire size needed for your model car.

Buy Tires As A Set

Ideally, you'll have all four tires replaced at the same time. If your tires are aligned and rotated on schedule, they should wear out evenly and be due for replacement at the same time. This keeps the performance of the tires uniform, which is beneficial for your car's suspension system. When you have a flat tire, you might be tempted to just buy one replacement tire. However, at the least, you should probably buy two tires and have the new ones placed on the back and the old ones rotated to the front.

Having the new tires on the back gives your car the best traction for braking. Don't forget about your spare tire when buying a new set. If the spare has been used in the past, you may want to buy a new one or switch it with the best older tire you are having replaced.

Buy Brand New When Possible

Tires are expensive, but buying brand new ones for replacement is best. However, if you have an older car that doesn't get much mileage and you have a tight budget, then you might find used tires at a more affordable price. Tire shops may keep old tires they've switched out to sell as used. Be sure you buy the right size and choose tires with deep enough tread to last a long time and keep you safe on the road. The numerical code on the side of the tire lets you know its age. It's best to avoid old tires even if they appear to be in good shape. Plus, you never know how the tire was treated during its life, so it's always best to buy new tires as soon as you can if you have to buy used ones in an emergency.

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