Five Mistakes To Avoid When You're Washing Custom ESR Wheels

One of the most important things you need to do to keep your custom ESR wheels in the best possible shape is regularly wash them. However, you need to make sure to wash them properly to avoid damaging them, or failing to keep them as clean as possible.

Unfortunately, vehicle owners sometimes make mistakes while washing custom ESR wheels that detract from their condition. The following are five mistakes to avoid when you're washing custom ESR wheels:

Attempting to wash custom wheels when they are hot

You should know that the finish on custom wheels is usually not quite as hard as on original manufacturer wheels. This means that custom wheels are more susceptible to staining from exposure to temperature extremes.

Permanent water marks could develop on custom wheels that are washed when they're warm because of the softness of custom wheels. Therefore, you should make sure that your wheels feel cool before you begin washing them. 

Making sure the tracking isn't disrupted by negative offsets

When you have custom ESR wheels put on a vehicle, it could change the tracking slightly. This is caused by either a staggered fitment or the presence of negative offsets.

The irregular tracking can throw off your vehicle's positioning if you put your vehicle through an automated car wash. You should be careful with using an automated car wash and make sure the track guides are not off before you put your vehicle and wheels through an automated car wash. 

Using a product that's not safe for the finish

Because the finish on custom wheels can be somewhat sensitive, you need to make sure that you're only washing your wheels with a finish-safe product.

Use water and gentle soap to wash your wheels. Not only should you check to see that the product you're using is safe on any coatings, but you should also make sure the product is not acidic, because acidic substances can be damaging to wheel surfaces. 

Using excessively abrasive tools during cleanings

Some sponges are too abrasive to be good for use in washing custom wheels. Make sure you're using non-abrasive sponges or soft rags. 

Ignoring the presence of brake dust

One of the most important functions of wheel washing is to remove any brake dust that has accumulated. Brake dust can tarnish the finish on custom wheels if it is left in place. Therefore, it's important to completely remove brake dust as part of cleanings. 

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