4 Different Types Of Equipment Trailers

If you use your truck and have to haul around equipment for work, you will want to purchase an equipment trailer so you can more easily move your equipment around. When it comes to equipment and utility trailers, you can consider multiple different types of trailers. Two styles of trailers include an open utility trailer and an enclosed trailer. In addition, two different types of trailers include a single axle or tandem axle trailer.

Style #1: Utility Trailer

The first is a utility trailer. A utility trailer doesn't have any tall walls or a ceiling. A utility trailer either has a low railing that goes around the four sides of the trailer or has solid sides that go around the four sides of the trailer. Often, the side of the trailer that is next to the truck may be a little taller. The sides allow for cargo to be more easily secured in the utility trailer. A utility trailer is great for hauling things such as lawnmowers, camping gear, and other types of landscaping equipment.

Style #2: Enclosed Trailer

The second type of equipment trailer you can purchase is an enclosed utility trailer. An enclosed trailer has four walls and a ceiling.

This allows you to put cargo inside the trailer that you want to keep secure from the elements and that you want to ensure can't be grabbed off your truck. In addition, an enclosed trailer gives you the ability to lock up your equipment, ensuring that everything inside is secure.

Generally, with an enclosed trailer, there will be doors across the back that open. Or, there may be a door on the side as well, allowing for two ways to access the inside of the cargo.

The inside of the enclosed trailer can be customized to fit whatever equipment you need to carry inside of it.

Type #3: Single Axle

Next up, an open utility trailer and enclosed trailer can both be a single axle trailer. A single axle trailer only has a single set of tires on it. Single axle trailers are usually open utility trailers, and single axle trailers are lightweight and easy to haul.

Type #4: Tandem Axle

A tandem axle is another configuration for equipment trailers. A tandem trailer has two sets of wheels, which are placed close together on the trailer. This helps to disperse the weight of the cargo more evenly and helps increase the maneuverability of the trailer.

When looking for a trailer you want to use to move around your equipment, you need to consider if you want an open or enclosed trailer, and how many axles you want the trailer to have. This will help you choose a trailer that best meets your needs. Also, check on your towing capacity and ensure your vehicle can handle any trailer you purchase.

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